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We’re proud to be known for our exceptional customer care. 
From procurement to onboarding, day-to-day support, and ongoing training,
we’re there every step of the way.

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It’s our commitment to providing personalised service that truly sets us apart.

Although our software is a ‘one-stop-shop’, we know one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Every hospital and healthcare organisation is unique, with local operating procedures and requirements, so we partner with our customers to ensure efficient and successful outcomes for all.

Dedicated account management

Our team ensure personalised attention to your account, to help you optimise performance and answer any queries

Operational and mobilisation support

We make the implementation of Synbiotix easy, with comprehensive assistance for smooth and stress-free adoption.

Complete end-to-end training and support

From first use to mastery, access on-demand training and support to get the most out of the system

Continuous customer-led product development

Your needs drive our innovation, ensuring Synbiotix evolves in tandem with your facility’s requirements

Realise More in 3 easy steps

Improving efficiencies with Synbiotix starts with 3 steps. From creating the business case and helping you navigate internal processes to onboarding and roll-out, our consultative and collaborative approach ensures your success at every stage.

Phase one

Business case and procurement

We guide you through crafting a compelling case and navigating procurement and IT processes efficiently.

Phase two

Scoping and implementation

Together, we map out timelines and execute pilot tests, ensuring seamless integration and adoption from day one.

Phase three

Handover and ongoing support

We facilitate a smooth transition, equipping you with complete training and ongoing assistance for optimal utilisation.

Current customer and need help?

Video tutorials and Scribes are available via your integrated Help Portal, and you can access on-demand training via Teams at any time. To book in-person training, or for any other support support or technical issues, email our team and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Current customer and need help?

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