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Established by industry experts, Synbiotix is the heartbeat of healthcare organisations worldwide, ensuring operational excellence and superior patient experience. Our comprehensive software comprises five essential solutions: XCater, XClean, XPorter, XMaintain, and XAudit.

They perform harmoniously to streamline services and increase efficiency.

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Our comprehensive catering information system delivers a quality led patient experience while reducing wastage and costs. XCater has been designed to deliver a fully integrated solution: from supplier to the back door, to the ward floor. The nutritional analysis system is connected to a vast national database of suppliers and provides regularly updated nutrition and allergen data. XCater currently services two national contracts in Scotland and Wales, delivering a full catering information system and bedside ordering platform, Cook Freeze, Cook Chill and Fresh Cook, across all hospitals and CPUs.

Catering for all possibilities

Electronic Bedside Ordering

Patient bedside meal ordering with digital picture menus that works on any mobile device, so patients can take their own orders. It can also be linked to bedside entertainment systems for instant transmission of ward data to the kitchen. Hosts allergen and nutrition information.

Stock Management

Tracks stock at the hospital and manages production plans accordingly. The system will calculate supplier orders and can be integrated into finance systems to assist with the
purchase ledger. Auto orders can be placed with suppliers when stock has been depleted.

Production Management

The most advanced product management solution there is. Helps manage the production of food, with recipes, cooking times and temperatures linked to production schedules and real-time menu updates. It can also generate front-of-pack labelling of PPDS products that are Natasha’s Law compliant.

Nutritional Analysis

Displays the nutritional analysis of each meal, in a food diary that can be passed back to the EPR, and will save analysis of any previous meals, along with patient details, for patient records. You can also build and analyse your own recipes and the nutritional content of menus. The solution will even run day parts analysis and compare the results to the British Dietetic Standards listed in the BDA digest.

    Achieve a quality-led patient experience, with ease

    Enhanced Patient Experience

    Elevate satisfaction levels by delivering timely, personalised meal services tailored to individual dietary needs and preferences, fostering a positive and supportive environment for patient recovery.

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    Full Traceability

    Ensure compliance and accountability with detailed records tracking every aspect of catering operations from procurement to service, enhancing transparency and meeting regulatory requirements.

    Reduces Waste

    Streamline operations and minimise unnecessary expenditures by optimising inventory management and production processes, effectively reducing surplus food waste and associated costs.

    Efficiency Boosting

    With its efficient processes, XCater optimises workflows, saving valuable time for staff and allowing them to focus more on patient care.

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    See how our product comes to life and can elevate your business

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