Complete Facilities Management

Established by industry experts, Synbiotix is the heartbeat of healthcare organisations worldwide, ensuring operational excellence and superior patient experience. Our comprehensive software comprises five essential solutions: XCater, XClean, XPorter, XMaintain, and XAudit.

They perform harmoniously to streamline services and increase efficiency.

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XPorter streamlines task assignments across your facilities service, all from a tablet, mobile device or touchscreen on the ward. It’s commonly used for the management of porters, domestic staff, patient transport and security staff.

The most complete, real-time resource management tool available for the healthcare estate.

Integrated with Patient Administration Systems

Can be integrated with patient administration systems, so users know exactly which patient is where, what ward they were on, and all their necessary details.

Asset tracking

GPS tags can be added to assets, such as wheelchairs or beds, so facilities teams know exactly where they are and don’t have to waste time trying to find one.

Automated allocation

The system will allocate a job to the facilities team member who is closest, automatically, using real-time location services.

Rapid Response tasks

Notifies relevant teams when there is an emergency. There is also an “all hands” alert for responsible and reliable patient transport.

Priority-based allocation

Dynamically assigns tasks based on a predefined priority system, addressing critical jobs promptly. By assessing urgency, patient care impact, and available resources, the system intelligently prioritises tasks, seamlessly integrating with the hospital’s operational framework.

    Efficient job allocation, with little administrative burden

    Enhanced Satisfaction

    Elevate patient and staff contentment by ensuring timely and seamless transportation services and maintaining a supportive and comforting atmosphere within your environment.

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    Patient Flow Improvement

    Optimise patient movement throughout the facility with efficient and coordinated portering services. This will reduce wait times and bottlenecks, facilitating smoother transitions between departments and enhancing the overall patient experience.

    Efficiency Boost

    Streamline operations and resource allocation with optimised portering workflows, empowering staff to fulfil tasks promptly and effectively, maximising operational efficiency and minimising unnecessary delays.

    Time Savings

    Swift and responsive portering expedites patient transfers and equipment transportation, saving valuable time for both patients and staff and ultimately improving productivity and workflow management.

    See how our product comes to life and can elevate your business

    All over the world, healthcare organisations reply on our software to do their best work.

    See how our product comes to life and can elevate your business

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