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Established by industry experts, Synbiotix is the heartbeat of healthcare organisations worldwide, ensuring operational excellence and superior patient experience. Our comprehensive software comprises five essential solutions: XCater, XClean, XPorter, XMaintain, and XAudit.

They perform harmoniously to streamline services and increase efficiency.

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XMaintain is the Synbiotix CAFM solution that integrates seamlessly into the broader software. A sophisticated, intuitive tool designed to streamline the complex operations of maintenance management within hospital settings. It effectively plans, logs, and manages all maintenance tasks, ensuring that healthcare facilities operate efficiently and comply with health and safety standards. By combining the latest in technology, including real-time tracking and database management, the Synbiotix CAFM solution aids in prioritising maintenance work orders, scheduling preventative maintenance, and logging repairs.

Prioritise maintenance work, schedule preventative maintenance, and log repairs

Linked to SLAs

Capability to link maintenance schedules directly with Service Level Agreements. For example, if an SLA mandates that air conditioning units must be inspected and serviced annually, the system can be configured to ensure compliance with this requirement. It automatically schedules these inspections and tracks their completion, generating
detailed reports.

Maintenance scheduler

Intelligently combines the planning of both proactive and reactive maintenance tasks. Enables teams to schedule maintenance tasks for medical equipment and facilities preemptively and also quickly respond to unplanned issues or breakdowns.

Automated allocation

The system is linked to the SFG20 maintenance library, which allows users to search for a product to find the maintenance schedules.

Stock management

Complete stock management module that enables users to efficiently manage the inventory of tools, parts, and other materials crucial for maintenance tasks. This feature allows for real-time tracking of stock levels, automating reordering processes to ensure that essential items are always available when needed.

Compliance dashboard

A centralised dashboard to consolidate and simplify compliance management across the entire hospital.This dashboard provides an overview of compliance statuses in real-time, allowing Estates Managers to easily monitor adherence to regulations and standards critical to hospital operations. With this tool, managers have immediate access to compliance reports, documentation, and the status of ongoing audits, all in one place..

    Streamline Maintenance Management

    Cost-Efficient Operations

    Optimise maintenance expenditures and resource allocation through data-driven insights and predictive analytics. This enables proactive maintenance strategies that prevent costly breakdowns and extend the lifespan of critical assets, improving financial performance and sustainability.

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    Administrative Efficiency

    Minimise administrative burdens and streamline maintenance workflows with intuitive task management tools, automating processes and eliminating paperwork, saving valuable time and resources.

    Enhanced Traceability

    With robust tracking and reporting functionalities, gain comprehensive visibility into maintenance activities and asset histories, ensuring accountability and facilitating informed decision-making to optimise asset performance and minimise downtime.

    Compliance Assurance

    Meet regulatory requirements and industry standards confidently, leveraging built-in compliance checks and documentation features to ensure adherence to safety protocols and best practices, safeguarding patients and staff while maintaining operational continuity.

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    See how our product comes to life and can elevate your business

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