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Established by industry experts, Synbiotix is the heartbeat of healthcare organisations worldwide, ensuring operational excellence and superior patient experience. Our comprehensive software comprises five essential solutions: XCater, XClean, XPorter, XMaintain, and XAudit.

They perform harmoniously to streamline services and increase efficiency.

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XAudit is a comprehensive platform offering users access to various pre-built templates tailored for clinical settings. Clinical audits are vital in enhancing patient care quality and delivery, with NHS organisations conducting numerous audits annually. XAudit streamlines the entire audit process, from mobile auditing to integrated action planning, facilitating impactful change implementation and centralised monitoring.

Through the customisable audit builder, you can effortlessly create audits independently, eliminating the need for external assistance or technical expertise. Take charge of your audits by adding, customising, and managing them at your convenience. With complete control over questions, response formats, and calculations, you can tailor audits to your specific requirements. The extensive library of pre-built audit templates encompasses diverse needs and data collection methods, such as checklists, observational audits, and surveys.

Auditing made easy

Audit Templates

Users can create any audit they need, using a range of question/answer formats, frequencies, or importance.

Schedule audits

Audits can be assigned to different users and scheduled to happen on a variety of frequencies.

Compliance dashboard

All results feed into the online suite of detailed dashboards, in real-time, providing instant visibility of compliance.

Action plans

When audits fail, action plans can be created to ensure they pass the next time.


Audits can be carried out online and offline on a mobile or tablet app, eliminating the need for paper systems.

    Streamline your entire audit process

    Visibility into Problem Areas

    Comprehensive data analytics and reporting features provide actionable insights into quality improvement opportunities and areas for enhancement, empowering users to identify trends, address deficiencies, and drive positive change in patient care delivery and outcomes.

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    Compliance Assurance

    Safeguard regulatory compliance and uphold industry standards with built-in auditing frameworks and real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring adherence to best practices and mitigating risks within clinical settings, creating a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

    Facilitates Continuous Improvement

    The auditing module empowers organisations to evolve and enhance their quality of care through iterative feedback loops and performance tracking. By identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective actions, XAudit

    Time-saving Solution

    Expedite the auditing process with user-friendly interfaces and customisable templates, automating data collection and analysis to reduce manual effort and streamline workflows.

    See how our product comes to life and can elevate your business

    All over the world, healthcare organisations reply on our software to do their best work.

    See how our product comes to life and can elevate your business

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