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Established by industry experts, Synbiotix is the heartbeat of healthcare organisations worldwide, ensuring operational excellence and superior patient experience. Our comprehensive software comprises five essential solutions: XCater, XClean, XPorter, XMaintain, and XAudit.

They perform harmoniously to streamline services and increase efficiency.

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XClean is our complete cleaning management solution, designed to the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness. Incredibly simple to use, it optimises the process of both scheduling cleans and monitoring cleanliness within a healthcare environment. A fully integrated suite of reports provides trend analysis with drill-down capabilities to monitor areas, zones, rooms, departments and other areas of concern.

Auditing Healthcare Cleanliness

Cleaning Audits

Users can carry out mandatory, element-based cleaning audits at ward and room levels. Rectifications are sent directly back to the ward/ estate teams linked to action plans. Following audits, each location is given a rating that is automatically converted to a star rating that can be printed or displayed digitally.

Cleaning Scheduler

Schedule in planned cleans, rectification cleans following an audit or rapid response cleans following an emergency. Removes the need for paper cleaning schedules and can be linked to QR code check-in and time and attendance plans.

Time to Clean

The Time to Clean feature gives Domestic Services and Cleaning providers the opportunity to accurately measure the required cleaning hours for a given area based on risk, frequency and specific elements cleaned.

Dynamic Room Memory Storage

A unique feature that remembers room elements for each audit. For example, if a room doesn’t have a sink, the system will remember this the next time the room is audited.

Rapid Response Cleaning

The system optimises patient flow by utilising dynamic cleaning task management. It will assign and notify cleaners if a ward or area needs an emergency clean.

    The most comprehensive and intuitive cleaning auditing system available

    Compliance Assurance

    Through comprehensive documentation and auditing, showcase adherence to stringent Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guidelines and National Standards of Cleanliness, ensuring a safe and hygienic healthcare environment.

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    Staff Efficiency

    Empower cleaning teams with intuitive tools and streamlined processes, enabling them to work more effectively and allocate resources efficiently, ultimately enhancing overall operational productivity.

    Rapid Issue Resolution

    Promptly address cleaning concerns and maintenance needs with agile response mechanisms, fostering a responsive and proactive approach to facility management and maintaining high cleanliness and safety standards.

    Patient Flow Optimisation

    Enhance patient experiences by orchestrating seamless transitions within your facility, strategically managing cleaning schedules to minimise disruptions, supporting smooth patient movement, and improving operational efficiency and satisfaction levels.

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